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Chemical Technology at CFCC


In 2020, with the help of the National Science Foundation, the Chemical Technology program began to develop a number of outreach programs organized and operated under the "C-TECH Academy".  The C-TECH Academy at Cape Fear Community College consists of annual engagement activities for the local community.  The C-TECH Academy highlights laboratory training and the use of state-of-the-art analytical equipment in the fields of pharmaceutical, environmental, cosmetics, forensics, and food/beverage.  More information about each activity can be found below.  

These activities have been funded by the National Science Foundation, ATE Award:  1956274

Engagement Events

Audience:  High School Teachers

Offering:  Summer

Length:  Two Weeks

The C-TEaCH Academy is designed as a professional development opportunity for high school teachers.  The event is two-week learning experience, focused on introducing laboratory techniques and analytical instrumentation in the chemical technology field.  

Audience:  High School Students

Offering:  Summer

Length:  One Week

The CT-CAMP is designed to introduce high school students to the field of chemical technology.  Various laboratory testing techniques are introduced throughout the one-week learning experience.  No science background is required to participate.  

Audience:  General Public

Offering:  Fall & Spring Semesters
Length:  One Day

Regarded as general information sessions, the CT-Discovery meetings introduce participants to the laboratory sciences.  These one-day discovery events are perfect opportunities to determine if Chemical Technology is the correct career path for you.

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