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Immerse Yourself in the Field of Chemical Technology!

The C-TECH Academy at Cape Fear Community College consists of annual engagement activities for the local community.  The C-TECH Academy highlights laboratory training and the use of state-of-the-art analytical equipment in the fields of pharmaceutical, environmental, cosmetics, forensics, and food/beverage.  

The C-TECH Academy offers multiple paths to learn more about the field of Chemical Technology:  a CT-CAMP that involves a summer learning experience for high school or college students as well CT-Discovery that provides exploration in the CT field throughout the academic year for learners of any background, age, or education.  A specialized program for high school teachers, titled C-TEACH is offered each summer.  Participants of any opportunity are exposed to laboratory training protocols currently adopted by the Chemical Technology program and ones that are the most important for local employers.  Throughout the C-TECH Academy activities, participants will discover the laboratory dynamics on a college campus, become aware of industry standards in various analytical fields, receive training on analytical equipment and software, and network with CFCC faculty, staff, and local employers.  C-TECH Academy opportunities are perfect for those who are curious about a hands-on laboratory training program or those who are just seeking to explore the academic/career possibilities.  

Faculty and staff of the Chemical Technology program strive to blend traits of traditional science camps with new and innovative learning activities.  This approach to science education will help ensure that each participant's time with us is enjoyable and enriching, helping them achieve their academic goals, career aspirations, or simply obtain more information in a scientific discipline.

ENROLL TODAY TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT!  Click HERE to learn more about CT-CAMP and HERE to learn more about CT-Discovery and HERE to learn more about C-TEACH.  All applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. 

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